In fact, summer is a must!?

Summer is finally here! While I am excited and excited, I am also worried about UV rays and cooling measures. Summer sunshine and too much air conditioning in the room can cause you to get sick . What I would like to recommend is the habit of carrying a stole. By wrapping or wearing a stole, you can make a simple summer outfit look stylish while protecting it from UV rays and the cold . The area covered is free, so it's easy to adjust the temperature. For example, when it gets a little chilly in the office. Quickly pull the stole out of your bag and comfortably hang it over your shoulders or knees.

"UV protection" and "cooling protection" . A manipuri stole that solves two major summer problems at once.

This time, we will pick up and introduce recommended linen mix stoles that you want to use in summer.
Please find your favorite piece.

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5 great benefits of linen stoles:

・Continued use will improve skin familiarity and make it more comfortable to wear.
・Compared to cotton and silk, it has excellent water absorption, moisture absorption, and wicking properties. The water absorption is about 4 times that of cotton!
・Comfortable crisp feeling peculiar to linen.
・It is very light with the thin cloth with the translucency. Its lightness makes you forget you are even wearing it.
・It is the material that is the easiest to remove dirt among natural fibers and is also resistant to washing. You can wash it many times and it gets softer with each use. It is an excellent stole that can be kept clean and used for a long time. It also has excellent antibacterial and antifungal properties, so it suppresses the growth of bacteria. It's clean and refreshing all year round, and you don't have to worry about the smell.

Protect your skin from the strong sun:

If you want to enjoy summer fashion, such as sleeveless shirts and dresses, but are worried about getting sunburnt, having a stole is very convenient. In places with strong sunlight, you can protect your skin from strong UV rays by wearing a stole over your shoulders.

Protect yourself from summer cooling:

If you feel cold around your neck, you can wrap it around your neck, if your shoulders and arms feel cold, you can put it on. It's actually very functional.

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