[Manipuri color therapy that brings good luck] March 2024 edition

The 3rd is Peach Festival.

It originates from the ancient Chinese festival of Kamishibushi, where it was believed that evil spirits were likely to enter during the change of seasons. From then on, celebrations to ward off evil spirits began to be held. This is also the time when peach blossoms bloom, and peaches are considered a talisman and a lucky charm.

The 10th is the new moon in Pisces.

A new moon will occur in Pisces, the last of the 12 zodiac signs. It includes all the constellations and elements, so if you have a wish, please strongly visualize that wish. It is also a good idea to express your gratitude to those around you.

On the 15th , Tencho Day, Ichiryu Manbai Day, and Tiger Day overlap.

Since the day of the tiger coincides with the day of the tiger, those who want to improve their financial luck should consider getting a new wallet or starting something new related to money. However, since Tencho Day coincides with Tora Day, it is said to be better to avoid ceremonial occasions.

The 20th is the vernal equinox day.

This period also coincides with the Equinox, so let's pay our respects to our ancestors by visiting their graves and express our daily gratitude to them. Additionally, festivals and events are held to pray for a good harvest during the change of seasons from winter to spring. It's also a good idea to take time to reconsider nature and food.

The 25th is a full moon in Libra.

There seems to be a change in human relationships. If you have a relationship that you want to end, clarifying it at this time of year will likely lead to a better flow in the fall. If you have a shaky relationship, deal with it decisively. This is the year when we will enter the era of wind, so if you want to break something off, we recommend doing so during this time.