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Wrapping is the best way to add glamor to a thoughtful gift.
At manipuri, we offer a free gift wrapping service.
Please use it as a present for your loved ones.

gift wrapping

We will individually wrap each product according to the content of the product .

As a summer gift, we are offering an original Noshi service for a limited time. However, please note that we only accept silk scarves and cotton scarves.

shopping paper bags

According to the size of the wrapping, a convenient paper bag for handing is also attached free of charge.

manipuri original greeting card

If you wish, we will send you a manipuri original greeting card to accompany your gift to your loved ones. ( You can choose one greeting card for each product. )

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◆ How to use

Please select a gift option and press the "Add to Cart" button.


* A tag or invoice that shows the price is not included.
*We will specify the size of the wrapping depending on the size, shape, and contents of the product. You cannot choose the color of the ribbon.
* Noshi is currently not supported.
*Gift wrapping may not be possible depending on the size and shape of the product, including heavy clothing such as down jackets.
* If you have any special requests, please let us know in the remarks column.

◆Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I forgot to select a gift option.
Please feel free to contact, official LINE, or manipuri Nagano.

Q: Please send so that I can see the contents of the wrapping.
Please enter your request in the remarks column on the cart page.