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Various changes in membership registration更 /how to order /delivery /shipping fee料 /payment method /point /Returns/exchanges換 /Handling of personal information /Contact method

manipuri official siteabout

manipuri official siteis an online shopping site operated by FLAPPERS Co., Ltd.トです。当online shopping sitePlease read and understand the following precautions before using店は、当online shopping sitePlease note that the content of is subject to change without notice.い。

Changes to membership registrationて

Member registration

manipuri official siteIn order to enjoy shopping comfortably, we ask that you register as a member. Registration is free.です。
※Before registering as a member, be sure toず「privacy policyー」Please read and agree to theい。

Register from here

If you are using a free email service such as Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, etc., please be aware that the registration confirmation email may be sorted into the spam folder. please cancelいいたします。

e-mail magazine

in the e-mail magazineRegister、thisonline shopping siteYou can receive notifications from the e-mail newsletter。

Confirmation and change of registered information更

My pageYou can check your account information and order history fromす。


If you have forgotten your registration password, please issue a temporary password from the following and log in.す。

Click here if you forgot your password

About how to order

Add 1 product to cartる

Please select the necessary items such as color size on the detail page of the desired product and click Add to Cart.ださい。

2Product confirmation認

「The shopping cart page will be displayed. Please check the items you have ordered and click Checkout if they are correct.てください。
※If you would like to continue ordering other items, please click continue shoppingさい。
※Click Cancel if you want to remove an item from your cartさい。

3Delivery information報

Please enter your desired delivery address. We can deliver to your home or other address. Once you are registered as a member, it will be automatically entered from the next time.ます。

4 Desired delivery date日

Please select your preferred delivery dateい。

5Payment method法

Select your preferred payment method and click Confirm Orderさい。
※If you wish to pay by credit card, please enter your credit card information.。

6Confirmation of order details認

Please check the order details and if there are no mistakes, click Place Order.ださい。
※Please note that it is not possible to change or cancel an order after the order has been confirmed.さい。

7 Completion of order了

An order completion screen will be displayed and a confirmation e-mail will be sent to your registered e-mail address.す。
If you do not receive a confirmation e-mail, your order may not have been sent successfully. Please check your purchase history on My Page.ください。

If you have any questions, please contact usい。

Regarding delivery

About shipping

The products you ordered will be shipped by Yamato Transport Co., Ltd. Sagawa Express Co., Ltd.ます。
※Please note that we do not ship overseas.い。
※Pre-order items are usually shipped within 2 months.す。

delivery date

<Estimated delivery date>
Orders placed before 14:00 on weekdays will be delivered on the next day at the earliest. Orders placed after 14:00 will be delivered on the day after next.In Chugoku and Shikoku, the earliest delivery time is the afternoon of the day after next.なります。

※On Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, orders placed by 11:00 will be delivered two days later at the earliest.ます。
※Orders placed on Wednesdays, which are closed on Wednesdays, will take an additional day to deliver.します。
Date specified from the date of order7We accept after the date。

Shipment may be delayed due to order congestion.た、Please note that it may take longer than usual during the sale period and during the Golden Week and New Year holidays.さい。

【Areas not covered by shortest next-day delivery Hokkaido Aomori Prefecture Kyushu Okinawa Prefecture Tokyo Izu Islands Ogasawara Islands島・小笠原諸島)

The time you can specify is as follows。

  • Do not want
  • morning
  • 12:00 14:00時
  • 14:00 16:00時
  • 16:00 18:00時
  • 18:00 20:00時
  • 18:00 21:00時
  • 19:00 21:00時

Product delivery status

Provided by Yamato Transport Co., Ltd. Sagawa Express Co., Ltd.るLuggage inquiry servicePlease prepare the parcel inquiry number described in the email sent after the product is shipped.意ください。

About shipping feeて


Nationwide shipping uniform 500 yen
※Free shipping for purchases over 11,000 yen including tax料


<In the case of payment by cash on delivery>
COD fee free
※Cash on delivery cannot be used if the total amount exceeds 300,000 yen including tax.ません。

About payment method

Credit CardShopify Paymentt)

<Available card>
VisaMasterCardAmerican Expressss

<Number of times of use>
Payment method is lump sum payment onlyす。

※Please contact your credit card company for inquiries regarding the number of payments and withdrawals.い。

Credit card payment GMO Epsilon in Japanロン)

<Available card>
JCBDiners ClubVisaMasterCardAmerican Expressress

<Number of times of use> 
Revolving payment in installments 3 times 5回、5times 66times 100times 122times 155times 188times 200times 244times)Lump sum payment only。

※Please contact your credit card company for inquiries regarding the number of payments and withdrawals.い。

Shop Pay

Shop Pay is a payment service provided by the online shopping system "Shopify". If you register your email address and mobile phone number with Shop Pay, you will receive a 6-digit shop pay code SMS authentication sent to your email address and mobile phone number the next time you make a purchase. It is a service that allows you to easily pay without re-entering shipping address and credit card information just by enteringるサービスです。


<Available card>
VisaMasterCardAmerican ExpressJCBUnionPayB、銀聯

<Number of times of use
Payment method is lump sum payment onlyす。

number of payments andFor inquiries regarding withdrawals, etc., please contact your credit card company.い。

Amazon PayAmazon Payイ)

<Available payment methods>
With Amazon Pay, you can use debit cards, prepaid cards, and Amazon gift certificates that can be settled in the same way as credit cards.けます。

The credit card that can be used is VisaMasterCardAmerican ExpressJCBDiners Clubなります。


  • J-Debit is not available。
  • When paying by debit card or prepaid card The order amount will be deducted from the balance of the debit card or prepaid card at the time of credit authorization processing. If a refund occurs due to cancellation or unsuccessful order, the period until the refund is completed. differs depending on the credit card company.In addition, depending on the company, re-authorization processing may be performed at regular intervals, and in that case, double withdrawals may occur temporarily, but the amount will be refunded at a later date.金額は後日返金されます。

number of payments andFor inquiries regarding withdrawals, etc., please contact your credit card company.い。

※Learn more about Amazon Pay below。

pay later paydayィ)

You can use it by entering your phone number and email address.。
Payment method can be selected from account transfer convenience store payment bank transfer可能です。

<How to use>
A. Postpay
① Select Pay Later as the payment method and enter your email address and mobile number on the paidy screen.番号を入力。
②Enter the 4-digit authentication code sent by SMS to complete shopping了。
(Please note that the credit check of paidy may be disapproved. We do not know the reason for disapproval.す)
③After confirming your order, you will receive a confirmation email from paidy.ます。
(4) You will receive an email from paidy within the 1st and 3rd of the following month for the amount you purchased on paidy in the previous month.れます。
⑤Please pay by convenience store bank transfer account transfer by the 10th of the following month.さい。

B. If you want to pay immediately without waiting for a bill
①When you receive the confirmation email for using paidy in A-③, tap the usage details of the app.をタップ。
②Tap the button for immediate paymentップ。
③ Select the convenience store you want to use for payment。
④ A barcode for payment will be displayed, so please pay at the cash register.い。

※Please use the paidy app to check the payment and billed amount.い。
※No invoice or payment form is included with the delivery.。

<Number of times of use>
Lump-sum payment 3 times later payment Minimum available amount 3,000 6 times later payment6回後払い(
Minimum available amount 6,0000)

Click here for more information on fees

※It is not possible to change from Pay Later Payday to another payment method.せん。
※Please check the usage history of Pay Deferred Paydy on the usage history page of Pay Deferred Paydy, not on this online site.認ください。
※Click here for questions about Pay Deferred Paymentちら

cash on delivery

If you use cash on delivery, please pay the shipping company when you receive the product. Payment can be made by cash or credit card.可能です。

<COD fee>
※Cash on delivery cannot be used if the total amount exceeds 300,000 yen including tax.ません。

About points

Use the points

Member registrationIf you receive it, you can use it as 1 yen for 1 point from the granted points。
※The point system cannot be used only for guest purchases and mail magazine registration。
When using points, please enter the number of points to be used when ordering, click "Use points", and proceed to the purchase procedure.ださい。
The number of points can be used up to a range that does not exceed the product price including tax, excluding shipping.ます。

point redemption

Customers who have registered as members will receive 1 point for every 100 yen spent.。
Points are given for the product price including tax. They are not given for the shipping fee.ん。)
When using coupons or points, points will be awarded for the product price including tax after the discount.す。

How to check point history

point historyloginYou can check it later on My Page。

<Points status>

  • Acquired Number of points that have already been granted Can be acquired after shipping is completedます)
  • Scheduled to be granted Number of points to be granted数
  • Points used Used points数
  • Expired status for expired points will be updated at 0:00ます)

Expiration date of points

Regular points are valid for 365 days.
It will be counted from the time it is given。

Example: If points are granted on April 1st, they will expire one year later at 0:00 on April 1st.ます。

Points for cancellation and returnト

<points used>

The points used for the canceled and returned product will be refunded to the customer.す。
(Points that have expired before cancellation after using points will be treated as invalid.。)

<Earning points for applicable orders>

The points that have already been awarded for canceled and returned products will be deducted.ます。

Points to note

  • Points cannot be used for shipping. Points can only be used for product charges.す。
  • Points cannot be used in combination with coupons.。
  • Points cannot be used after completing an order。
  • Online shop points cannot be used at physical stores.Points earned at physical stores cannot be used at online shops.Points from online shops and physical stores cannot be combined.ません。
  • Points cannot be combined even if you have multiple registered email addresses.ん。
  • Points cannot be exchanged for cash。
  • Points cannot be transferred to a third party。
  • In the unlikely event that there is a point that can be determined to have been obtained through unauthorized processing, it may be deleted.。

About returned goods exchange of goodsて

The manipuri online store accepts returns or exchanges of products within 7 days after the product arrives.す。
As soon as the ordered product arrives, please check whether the wrong product has been sent or if there are any defects.す。

「If you wish to return or exchange due to customer's convenience such as ordering different from the image and ordering the wrong size, we will accept returns and exchanges as long as our return and exchange conditions are met.れば承ります。

However, please note that we cannot accept returns or exchanges in the following cases:い。 

  • Including sale product coupon use productsむ)
  • Reserved product
  • If there is no request for return in advance
  • Products that have passed 8 days or more after the arrival of the product
  • Products that cannot be judged as unused according to our standards商品
  • Products that come into direct contact with the skin, such as innerwear
  • If the product tag price tag label accessories etc. are damaged場合 
  • If the product has been used, repaired, washed, and cleaned合   
  • If the product condition at the time of return is significantly different from that at the time of delivery, including the package box accessory warranty書も含む)
  • If the product gets dirty or scratched by the customer If the smell adheres Pet cigarettes Perfumes Cosmetics, etc.・化粧品など)
  • If the product is judged to be in a condition that cannot be resold.合

The procedure is as follows。

1. Notification of returned goods
inquiry」Please contact us with the following information at。

  • name
  • Address
  • Your phone number
  • mail address
  • Product nameReason for return由
  • Order number It is stated on the purchase statement that will be sent from our shop after you place an order.ります。)

※Please be sure to contact us in advance. Please note that we cannot accept returns without prior contact.い。

2. Return
Please fill out the returned goods contact form that comes with the product and send it back to the address written on the returned goods contact form together with the product.さい。

<In the case of a return due to our shop's defect>
The shipping fee will be borne by our shop, so please return the product by cash on delivery.い。

<Due to customer's convenience
You are responsible for all shipping and handling charges for returns.。
If it is returned by cash on delivery, we will refund the amount after deducting 1,650 yen uniformly.。

※In order not to lose the item when returning it, please be sure to send it back using a method that allows you to check the tracking number.い。

※Please note that we will not be able to respond to exchanges, returns, or refunds if there is damage that has not been pointed out in advance as the reason for return when the returned product arrives.ください。

3. Refund
We will process the refund as soon as we confirm the returned product.。

※If excessive returns continue, use may be suspended.。
※If the product is returned without contacting us due to a long-term absentee, we may charge the shipping fee for the payment method and the return shipping fee.ざいます。
※For items purchased from other than our online store, please contact the store where you made the purchase directly.。
In addition, we cannot accept returns or exchanges for products purchased at the online store.ん。
※Since the products handled by the online store are shared with the actual store, there may be fine wrinkles or damage to the packaging.ださい。
※It may take longer than usual during Golden Week, year-end and New Year holidays, etc.す。

<About cooling-off>
Unlike door-to-door sales and telemarketing sales, Internet shopping is a form of sales in which the customer can place an order after careful consideration. will beなります。

Handling of personal information

Regarding your personal information、「privacy policyー」In addition, pages that require input use SSL for security. All customer information such as credit cards and addresses are encrypted to protect the content of communication. Please feel free to use it.てご利用ください。

About inquiry

thisonline shopping siteHow to use andthisonline shopping siteIf you have any questions about products purchased atい。

※It may take us some time to respond depending on the nature of the inquiry, such as when we are closed on Wednesdays.す。
※We will be closed during the summer holidays.す。

Inquiries by phone

Reception hours 11:00 to 19:00 except Wednesdayを除く)

Inquiries by email

Click here for the inquiry form