How to Care Things to take care of to use it for a long time

Have you ever felt sad because your favorite scarf or stole got damaged?
To enjoy your scarves and stoles for a long time, it is important to take care of them a little bit every day.
We at manipuri would like to introduce you to the ideas we have developed to help you enjoy your silk scarves and stoles for a long time.

★ Dry in the shade after use.

After use, lightly shake off any dust or pollen, then hang it on a hanger and dry it in the shade.
If you blow a little air on it at that time, you can remove fine dust and odors. You can use either natural air or a fan.
Letting it rest for about half a day will remove any minor creases or wrinkles from knots.

★ Remove sweat immediately

Excessive sweat and cosmetics are the biggest enemies as they can cause discoloration and fading. If they get on your product, wash it as soon as possible.
If you can't wash it right away, such as when you're traveling, gently dab it with a lightly wrung out wet towel to remove sweat.
It can cause deterioration, so ideally you should use it in a way that prevents sweat from getting on it, rather than trying to remove it after it has already gotten on it. Avoid wearing it directly around your neck in environments where you are likely to sweat, and remove it and put it in your bag if you feel like you are about to sweat. Careful handling will help the product last longer.

★Be careful of insect damage, moisture, and sunburn when storing.

A humid environment is not good for fabric products.
When storing, try to place it in a high, well-ventilated location. Store it in a dark place out of direct sunlight.
Also, just like with other natural fibers, to prevent damage from insects, use an insect repellent when storing for a long period of time. Be sure not to let the insect repellent come into direct contact with the scarf.

★ Dry clean regularly for proper care

If you are concerned about stains or odors, or when the seasons change, please have it cleaned.
Frequent cleaning can actually damage the texture and fabric of your silk scarf/stole, so it's important to take good care of it on a daily basis.

Manipuri's stoles are made in India, so they have a unique Indian texture. The scarves are hand-printed one by one by Japanese artisans, and are characterized by their delicate, lustrous silk sheen.
Please refrain from washing at home as this may cause the product to lose its shape, fade, or shrink.


Delicate scarves and stoles can be kept beautiful for a long time if you take good care of them.
If your scarf starts to get dirty or scratched after wearing it for a long time, you can continue to use it in a different way by tying it to your bag or using it as a belt.

Manipuri scarves and stoles are made through the skills of experienced artisans and careful handwork.
Please take good care of it and use it for a long time.