It protects the body from the sun and air conditioning. A stole to wear in the summer

Cold and ultraviolet rays are women's biggest enemies!
In order to maintain healthy beauty, it is essential to take measures according to the season.

"Air conditioning protection" and "UV protection." We would like to introduce you to the manipuri scarf that will solve these two major summer problems at once.

A scarf is a very useful item to have, whether it's to protect your skin from the strong summer sun or to protect yourself from the air conditioning. It's also a great accent piece for your styling, and it's so light that you'll want to have as many as you can.

Especially for women who work in offices, overly air-conditioned trains, offices, buildings, etc. tend to make the body cold. Compared to cardigans, scarves are easier to put on and take off, so we recommend thin, large scarves to protect against air conditioning and UV rays in the summer. They protect your arms well, so you can stay comfortable even in cold indoor spaces or under strong sunlight.

・Scarves are also recommended as a countermeasure against air conditioning

It's hot outside, but the air conditioning is on and it's cold inside...
In such cases, you can reduce the cold by putting a scarf over your shoulders. Carrying a jacket around can be bulky and troublesome, but a scarf can be rolled up or folded up small and put in your bag, so it doesn't take up much space.

・To prevent sunburn when the sun is strong

I want to enjoy summer fashion, such as sleeveless shirts and dresses, but I'm worried about getting sunburned...
In times like these, it's very useful to have a scarf.
In places with strong sunlight, you can protect your skin from strong UV rays by draping a shawl over your shoulders.

・A great accent for simple summer styling

Summer styling tends to be simple. Wrapping a large scarf around your neck, or wearing a scarf with a nice pattern... A scarf can be a focal point of your outfit if you have one.
And when you go out in light summer clothes, do you ever worry about your neck? The neck is also a place where signs of aging are easily seen. In such cases, we recommend styling with a summer scarf. You can expect the pleasant effect of stylishly covering the neck and chest areas, which are prone to showing signs of aging.