manipuri started in 2009 with the wish to broadcast the appeal of vintage scarves. Getting inspirations from vintage scarves, focus is placed on materials and sizes and are calculated to look beautiful no matter how you wear them. The silk scarves and stoles by manipuri continue to progress every season through further research and each piece is hand-printed with care by master artisans. The colorful designs and the wide range of sizes provide countless ways of arrangement. The beautiful designs of the hand-prints not only come as scarves but can now be enjoyed as bags and umbrellas, and it continues to evolve. The beautiful scarves make the impossible possible, enabling a person to wear “art” in a form of a scarf- a collection unique to manipuri.From the SS20 collection, clothing line is also added, providing a more fulfilling range of items.

manipuri scarf vol.1
The work of a designer who creates a variety of scarf patterns

manipuri scarf vol.2
The skill of the printing craftsman who controls the vivid colors of the scarf

manipuri scarf vol.3
Proof of high-quality scarf, delicate and beautiful edge finish