Considering the material: linen mix or cotton linen

What materials are the stoles made from?
What are the characteristics of each material?
How should I use them? ?

Just like clothing, a variety of materials are used for scarves.
Color and design are important, but knowing the characteristics of each material will change the way you choose.
Also, different features will affect how it feels to use and the situations in which it is used.
In particular, since scarves come into direct contact with the skin, it is very important to know the characteristics and effects of each one.

Here we will introduce the benefits of linen and cotton, which are often heard of as materials for summer.

Fabric and material features

What are the benefits of linen mix scarves?

Simple yet striking, tough yet delicate. Comfortable and easy to wear all year round. Beautiful texture, moderate firmness, and just the right amount of volume gently wrap around your neck.

・With continued use, it will become more compatible with your skin and become more comfortable to wear.
-Compared to cotton and silk, it has excellent water absorption, moisture absorption and dissipation properties. Its water absorption is about four times that of cotton!
- The crisp feel of linen is comfortable - The thin, sheer fabric is very light. It's so light that you'll forget you're even wearing it.
・Of all natural fibers, this material is the easiest to clean and is also resistant to washing. It can be washed many times and gets softer with each use, so it stays clean and can be used for a long time. It also has excellent antibacterial and antifungal properties, which help prevent the growth of bacteria. It is clean and fresh all year round, and you don't have to worry about odors.
- Linen fibres are hollow and contain a lot of air, making them highly breathable and insulating.

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What are the benefits of cotton silk stoles?

The thread is very fine, the fabric is sheer and smooth, and it is incomparably soft. The soft texture does not irritate even the delicate neck area. You can wear it comfortably anytime, anywhere.

- Flexible and soft to the touch. A material that can be used safely even by people with sensitive skin.
- Compared to linen, it is less prone to wrinkles and is less prone to losing its shape. - It is cool in summer and warm in winter, so it can be used all year round.
- It protects your body from the sun when outside and from the cold when indoors.
・Although it is large in size, it is lightweight and easy to carry.
- 70% of the material is cotton, which contains air and keeps you warm, and when it gets hot, it releases the moisture inside and keeps you cool. It also has high moisture absorption and low electrical resistance, so you won't feel uncomfortable with static electricity. 30% of the material is silk, which gives it a high-quality feel, a subtle and beautiful luster, and an exquisite texture that doesn't stick to your skin. In addition, silk also absorbs ultraviolet rays. It's also useful as a sunshade when you go out.

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The difference between linen mix and cotton silk

Differences in raw materials <br>Linen is made mainly from plant stems, while cotton is made from cotton. Linen mix is ​​woven in a herringbone pattern and has thick threads, so it has a slightly more voluminous feel than cotton silk.

Differences in texture <br> Linen mix feels a little stiff at first because the thread itself is thick, but it becomes soft and comfortable against the skin as you use it. Cotton silk is a plain weave with thin threads and a soft texture, making it the lightest material for stole.

Differences in quick-drying properties<br>Linen mix is ​​a very breathable material. It dries quickly because the fibers are hollow. Cotton silk does not dry as quickly as linen. It takes time for water to evaporate after absorbing it.

Differences in shrinkage rate <br>Linen shrinks at about 5 to 10%. Cotton shrinks at about 3 to 5%.

Why did you choose linen mix/cotton silk?

A: I chose this linen mix as a light jacket to wear in air-conditioned places such as the office in the summer. I think the biggest appeal is that it has a stiff texture, but the more you use it, the softer it becomes and the more it feels comfortable against your skin. I think this is a scarf that will become your best partner as you get used to it in your daily life.

B: I chose cotton silk because of its soft texture. I think it's great that it's a material that can be used throughout the year, not just in summer. It's a large scarf, so I enjoy wrapping it in different ways to match different styles. It's easy to wear in the coming hot summer.