<Print Tote Bag L> Saddle & Geometric


A design that combines two classic patterns printed on polyester fabric using the same printing technique as the silk scarf pattern invites the playfulness of adults. By attaching the handle to the side, the triangular shape is cute when you hold it, and you can enjoy various expressions depending on the viewing angle. There are two sizes, S and L. The S size is small like a sacoche, and the L size fits A4 size.

part number 0103252110
model number Printed Tote L SADDLE&GEOMETRIC
material Outer material 100% polyester, lining 100% cotton, cowhide
country of origin Japan
Color Brown
size Height 35cm, Mouth width 40cm, Bottom width 16cm, Bottom depth 40cm

<Regarding errors in product dimensions>
Due to processing and materials, some errors may occur during the production process. Thank you for your understanding.

* Errors and individual differences may occur depending on the washing process, the stretch ratio depending on the color, the sewing method, and the material.

*If the size is within 2 cm before and after the stated size, it will be within the regulations even during inspection (returns and exchanges in this case will be at the customer's discretion). Please contact us if there is too much difference.

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