<Hair accessories> 2 pattern scrunchies


Delivered in a special small bottle
This scrunchie is printed with a manipuri scarf pattern. Just tie it up for a bright and glamorous look. In addition to using it for hair arrangements, you can also wear it on your arm or in any other arrangement you like.

*The location of the pattern will vary depending on the product.

Part number 0141579004
Model number Hair Accessories 2PATTERN SCRUNCHIE
material silk
country of origin Japan
Color Light gray
size FREE

<Regarding product size errors>
Please note that slight differences may occur during production due to processing and materials.
*Errors and individual differences may occur depending on the wash process, elasticity due to color, sewing method, and material.
*A deviation of 2cm from the listed size is considered to be within the regulations even upon inspection (in this case, returns or exchanges will be considered at the customer's discretion).

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