"manipuri" long-awaited only shop opens for the first time!

Manipuri is a brand inspired by vintage scarves.

The first only shop opened on Wednesday, March 31st.

Starting with the popular silk scarves, this shop has all of manipuri 's collections, from bags and umbrellas to wear.This shop is a discerning shop that renovated a large old private house near Zenkoji Temple in Nagano!

On the 1st floor where the world of Manipuri spreads out, and on the 2nd floor, the select shop " H+ HELIOTROPE Nagano store" where you can shop while enjoying the style that suits you is relocated and opened.

It is a spacious space where you can enjoy the atmosphere unique to an old private house and the view of the world on each floor.

1F manipuri Nagano store
52-1 Daimoncho, Nagano City, Nagano Prefecture 380-0841
Phone: 026-219-3072