<Smartphone shoulder> Turkmen


[Christmas limited smartphone case]

A smartphone shoulder with a popular pattern. The length of the string is adjustable, so you can carry it short or wear it diagonally over your shoulder, depending on the occasion. There is a card holder on the back that can hold an IC card, making it highly functional.
*Please note that the print location may vary depending on the product.

Product number 0131251001
Model number smartphone shoulder TURKMEN
material Body 100% polyester, cowhide, lining 100% cotton
country of origin Japan
Color Brown
size Height 18cm Mouth width 12cm

<Regarding errors in product dimensions>
Due to processing and materials, slight errors may occur during the production process. Thank you for your understanding.
*Errors and individual differences may occur depending on wash processing, color expansion/contraction rate, sewing method, and material.
*If the size is within 2cm from the front or back of the stated size, it will be within the regulations during inspection (returns and exchanges in this case will be at the customer's discretion).

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