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-Autumn/Winter bag feature-

Autumn and winter when you want to enjoy fashion. Would you like to change your outing bag too?

Tote bags that are convenient for commuting, handbags and shoulder bags that are useful on holidays are available.

Now that you have more opportunities to go out, there are plenty of items that you want to keep in mind!

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We introduce recommended item in fall and winter !

#01 PVC bag

The new type of embossed PVC bag has a manipuri scarf pattern that is more tasteful, and is an elegant and accented item with a unique luster.

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#02 Print Tote Bag

This season, in addition to the standard type and quilted type, a new model with flocking processing and a new model with hot fix processing will appear. There are so many patterns to choose from.

Choose the S size for short outings, the L size for commuting to work or school, or when you have a lot of luggage.

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#03 Bucket Tote Bag

A bucket tote bag that is popular every season. The bottom is round and has a wide gusset. It can be used for a variety of purposes, such as commuting to work or school, traveling, or as a mother's bag.

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