"Manipuri" down jackets that you want to find by type

A reversible down jacket using manipuri's beautiful and delicate pattern and gorgeous color scarf pattern.

A 2-way specification that turns it inside out to become a simple colored down jacket that is easy to mix and match.

A light, warm and practical piece.

Just match it with a simple outfit to complete a mature casual style.

We will introduce them by type.

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reversible inner down jacket

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The compact silhouette allows you to wear it so neatly that you won't think it's down.

It's thin and lightweight, but it's warm when you put it on, and it doesn't look bulky even if you put it inside a coat.

reversible down jacket

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Drop shoulder down jacket.

Although it is oversized, it is easy to balance with voluminous skirts and dresses, and goes well with high-waisted pants.

reversible long down jacket

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A long type down jacket with a long drop shoulder length.

It is light and has heat retention, and the length that goes down to the hips covers your body shape.