Use your favorite parasol to protect against UV rays and make going out fun!

Both sunny and rainy days. A manipuri umbrella that combines practicality and design

The point when choosing a parasol is how to block UV rays that cause skin problems.
Sunburn caused by ultraviolet rays not only increases spots and freckles, but also causes skin aging such as wrinkles and sagging.
Unfortunately, sunscreen alone is not enough to prevent UV rays from falling on your body.
A parasol is one of the most important items to protect your skin.
By avoiding direct sunlight, you can not only prevent sunburn, but also take measures against heat.

Just unfolding the beautiful pattern of the manipuri umbrella will make you happy.
The colorful pattern is designed to look beautiful even from a distance.
It creates gorgeousness and elegance, and is loved by people of all ages.
A wonderful manipuri umbrella that makes you happy and happy, not only on sunny days, but also on rainy days.
You are sure to find your favorite parasol that is perfect for you.

The manipuri online store handles two types of umbrellas.

(1) Parasol for both sun and rain| Recommended for those who value UV protection

An umbrella with an elegant design that uses bamboo for the handle and ferrule. It can also be used as an umbrella in light rain. The shielding rate is 92 % to 98 %, and it is a beautiful gem that is made of 100% cotton printed by hand printing and treated with water repellent, waterproof, and UV treatment, just like the print processing of scarves. The natural and gentle color is recommended to match with a yukata in the summer.

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②Umbrella for rain or shine| Recommended for those who want to combine fashion and functionality

Manipuri's highly functional rain and shine umbrella that can be used not only on rainy days but also on sunny days. It is a beautiful and excellent product that is made of 100% polyester hand-printed and treated with water repellent, waterproof, and UV treatment, just like the scarf.

The design of the handle has a manipuri logo mark and is full of originality. Each one is handmade by craftsmen, and is a recommended item with dignity.

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"Folding Umbrella" or "Long Umbrella", if you don't know which one to choose?

long umbrella

Recommended type of person: People who are lazy, people who want to use one umbrella for a long time.

Advantages: Functionality that can be easily opened and closed. The shape of the umbrella is beautiful.
Cons: Can be misplaced. The size is inevitably large, so it is bulky on the go.

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folding umbrella

Recommended type of person: People who don't like heavy umbrellas, people who often forget things

Advantages: Easy to carry and can be put in a bag so you don't forget it.
Disadvantages: Folding and unfolding takes a little effort.

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