[Limited to directly managed stores and official online stores] When you purchase a hair accessory, you will receive a special drawstring bag and a cute bottle as a set!

Hair band, ribbon scrunchie ➤ Drawstring bag

If you purchase a hair band or a ribbon scrunchie, we will send you a special drawstring bag as a set.

The drawstring bag is made of leftover fabric from the silk scarf production process, and is small and cute with a size of 20cm x 12cm, and has a beautiful gorgeous luster.

Scrunchies, etc. ➤ Small bottles

If you purchase raffle scrunchie, very big scrunchie, etc., we will deliver it in a cute small bottle!

It's cute just by looking at it, and it's a recommended gift item!
Not only can you use it for going out, but you can also use this gorgeous hair accessory to easily tie your hair for work or household chores, and instantly create a bright atmosphere.

Don't miss this opportunity!

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*This drawstring bag is a drawstring bag exclusively for hair bands and ribbon scrunchies.
*We cannot accept requests for drawstring bags for patterns or sets.
* The pattern is assorted, and the image is an image.

*Returns and exchanges are limited to unused items together with the corresponding item.
*We cannot accept returns or exchanges for the drawstring bag alone.

*If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact info@manipuri.jp, official LINE, or manipuri Nagano.