[Official online only] The stole comes with an original drawstring bag as a set.

"Official online store only"

If you purchase a 120cm x 120cm stole at the manipuri online store,
We will deliver the original cotton silk drawstring bag as a set.

The bag will be an original product exclusive to the online store that uses leftover fabric from the process of making the stole.

The size is 42 cm long x 35 cm wide, and it is a large size that can fit anything, and the fabric is a gentle and very soft material of cotton silk.

A versatile drawstring bag that can be used to carry a manipuri stole or store a lot of your favorite clothes and miscellaneous goods.

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The drawstring bag is a privilege exclusive to the manipuri official online store.

Unfortunately, you cannot choose the pattern or color, so please look forward to which pattern will be delivered as a set.

※The image is an image.
*One stole comes with a drawstring bag as a set.
*Patterns and colors are assorted.
* Due to the quality, there may be some uneven dyeing, mixed threads, looseness, etc., but this is not due to defects.
*Returns and exchanges are limited to unused stoles and sets.

*We cannot accept returns or exchanges for the drawstring bag only.

Please take a look at this opportunity!