Lightly wearing exciting art vol2

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Down and padded jackets and vests are your best companions for the coming winter season. This reversible wear series continues to be popular last year.

The down series boasts lightweight comfort and heat retention using high-quality materials that are 90 % down and 10 % feather. The padding is 100% polyester, making this a practical piece that can protect you from the cold. Moreover, it has an impactful all-over pattern design and a simple plain reversible design.

This season, it has evolved into a more fashionable style, using beautiful and delicate printed patterns reminiscent of scarves.

down blouson

A reversible down blouson with a stand-up collar that is just the right height to protect your face from cold wind while making your face look smaller. Light, warm and practical, the artistic print will complete a casual adult style just by matching it with a simple outfit. The zipper part has a hidden dot design that combines functionality and elegance. The exquisite length goes well with wide pants and flared skirts. A down blouson that is not too casual and can be worn femininely, is a perfect protection against the cold. It's also attractive because it has room in the width and around the shoulders, making it easy to match with thick knits.

down vest

A reversible down vest that can be layered in a variety of ways as the seasons change from fall to winter. The item becomes more fashionable the more you layer it, and is reversible so you can enjoy two completely different patterns, making it attractive for its versatility. Due to its compact size, it can also be used as an inner vest in the middle of winter. It's great when layered over voluminous bottoms or dresses as an accent, or layered over outerwear as an accessory. A down vest that keeps you warm and stylish is a must-have item for adult women.

down long coat

A long reversible down coat that combines warmth and elegance. It has a modern print pattern and a simple plain color, and has a relaxed silhouette with a wide body width that goes well with everything from thick hoodies to shirts and cut-and-sew underwear. The neckline has a clean collarless design, so it goes well with hoodies, turtlenecks, stoles, and mufflers. The clean A-line silhouette makes it perfect for bottoms with a wide range of silhouettes, such as denim pants and long skirts. A reversible down coat is a convenient item that can be worn with different outfits to match the style of the day.

Down jacket

Drop shoulder reversible down jacket. It has room in the width of the body and around the shoulders, and is recommended for layering with oversized items such as knits and sweatshirts. It is easy to balance with voluminous skirts and dresses, and goes well with high-waisted pants. It's lightweight, heat-retaining, and has a length that goes all the way to your butt, covering your body shape. We recommend that when you wear it with the plain side facing out, you can show a glimpse of the pattern from the collar and sleeves. This is an item that will brighten up completely different coordinations with the printed side and the plain side.


MA-1 Vest

We have created a reversible vest that maintains the firmness and roundness of the MA-1 jacket. It's reversible so you can enjoy the two sides with the printed fabric on the back. More minimalist military details. The A-line silhouette spreads out toward the hem, and you can change the silhouette by tightening the cord at the hem. We recommend not only wearing it with knits and sweats, but also layering it over outerwear or jackets. You can also pair it with denim for a casual look. There is also a MIX style that combines feminine items such as skirts and dresses. Just add it to your usual outfit for a seasonal look.

MA-1 jacket

The reversible MA-1 jacket allows you to enjoy different impressions that you won't believe are the same item. The shape is a modern take on the vintage MA-1 model, and the plain side gives it a cool impression like a real military jacket. A convenient item that allows you to mix and match two outfits with one item. The feminine, rounded silhouette and short length go well with voluminous bottoms, and can be expected to enhance your style. The drop shoulders give it a loose silhouette that gives it a modern look. It's easy to wear thick knits or sweatshirts inside, making it useful for layering in the fall and winter. You can enjoy a wide range of styles from basic to unique styles.

There are a variety of designs that give you power just by wearing them, like paintings that are loved through the ages. Color your outfit with a variety of arrangements.

Now, let's go out into town wearing art.

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