Manipuri's winter clothes vol 1 where art overflows throughout the city

- Wear works of Art -

This season's outerwear is expanding beyond scarf patterns.
In vol1, we will introduce quilting that expresses manipuri patterns and high-quality textured jacquard patterns woven in Japan.
Enjoy the elegance and three-dimensional feel of quilting stitches and jacquard weave that cannot be expressed with prints.

jacquard pattern

A middle coat and vest made of jacquard fabric with an original pattern. Slowly woven on a loom in Fukui Prefecture, the original Manipuri fabric is fluffy and has air in its threads.

jacquard coat

The delicately woven textile, which is different from the print, is a piece that will make your fall and winter styling even more chic. The cool colors and patterns have a good balance with a feminine, rounded shape, and it's lightweight yet warm and attractive. Just put it on and it will accent your outfit and match any trendy style. It has no collar and a neat neckline, so it goes great with turtleneck items. It is also recommended to wear it with a skirt for a feminine look. Add three-dimensionality and a luxurious feel by trimming with knit tape of the same color.

jacquard vest

The silhouette that brings out the mature look and the pockets are also great features. This item has a strong presence, so you can style it simply by matching it with simple items. It is colorless to make layered styling easier. The chic color makes it not too sweet, and it is an excellent piece that can be layered with different materials such as a lightweight cut-and-sew or sheer blouse, a satin skirt, or denim for a gorgeous look.

quilting pattern

Quilting that expresses a picture of a mountain with stitches. A thin layer of cotton is sandwiched between the outer and lining fabrics and quilted like a sandwich.

quilted jacket

A one-of-a-kind item with original quilted embroidery. It uses thin batting, so you can wear it lightly. The moderately firm material maintains a feminine, rounded silhouette. It has drop shoulders and large sleeves, so it can be layered with sweats or knits. The loose and feminine form gives a soft impression without being too sharp even when worn as a blouson. The short length balances out your styling and makes it look neat without being bulky. Pair it with a tight skirt or wide pants to add to a variety of outfits, from daily casual to mode. Another great thing about it is that it's lightweight and comfortable to wear without putting any strain on your shoulders.

reversible quilted stole

A reversible stole with a large pocket that can fit your hands comfortably, making it useful both for protection against the cold and as an accent. You can wear it over your shoulder and put your hands in the pockets to keep warm, or if you fasten it with hooks, you can wear it instead of a vest during the chilly early autumn months. Useful for a variety of occasions as a small piece of cold weather clothing. We recommend pairing it with your existing coat or knit, or as a set with a jacket made of the same material. A simple yet statement stole that will elevate your daily look. It is a convenient piece for everyday use, as well as for outdoor activities and vacations.

A vibrant manipuri that has a luxurious feel and lightness, and gives off a fashionable personality with a focus on wearability, giving off a sophisticated sense of style.

Now, let's go out into town wearing art.

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