manipuri designer's thoughts

I want you to wear art while having fun with a sense of fashion. The brand "Manipuri" was born from such thoughts. The original patterns created by four designers who produce patterns in a wide range of genres are the result of daily efforts and thoughts on scarves. We asked these designers about what they wanted to express in their designs, and what they thought.


Was this pattern and that pattern really drawn by the same person? I hope you think so.
I'm still clumsy and it's not going well, but I'm always thinking that it would be nice if I could draw the most suitable atmosphere for each pattern.


I like to research foreign folk costumes, architecture, and culture, so I often incorporate the essence of a foreign country into my scarf design.
The scarf is a flat item, but rather than just drawing a picture, I try to create a casual and playful world view that makes customers feel a little fun when they wrap it up.



So that the moment you put on the scarf, you will feel better and love yourself.
Aiming for a design in which printed motifs and flower petals seem to spill out of the fabric.
We are aiming for a design that makes the person who picks it up shine wonderfully.


I place particular emphasis on color when designing. Scarves are a fashion item with a high degree of difficulty, but I would like to propose scarves with patterns that you can use everyday, and scarves that have never existed before.