What kind of scarf do adult girls hide in their bags?

Summer sunshine and too much air conditioning in the room can cause you to get sick. What I would like to recommend is the habit of carrying a scarf. By wrapping a scarf around you, you can stylishly protect yourself from the sun and cool air. If you have one at hand, you can quickly take measures even on days when you don't care about the sun today, or when the air conditioning is a little too effective and it's cold.
This time, we would like to introduce such a manipuri cotton scarf.

5 reasons to recommend a cotton scarf for UV & cooling protection around your neck.

POINT1: Perfect for UV care around the neck!
The neck that stands out unexpectedly. When your neck is moist and firm, you feel young, and when it is dry and wrinkled, you feel old. Every day, we are exposed not only to light from above, but also to UV rays reflected off the ground. Don't forget to apply sunscreen not only on your neck, but also on your neck and collarbones. Let's shut down UV rays by covering the neck . A scarf protects the neck and nape of the neck, which are vulnerable to sunburn.
Protects and covers the skin cleanly and without excess or deficiency.

POINT2: Absorbs water and is easy to wear
Cotton is a highly absorbent, breathable material that feels smooth and comfortable on the skin, so you can wear it comfortably even in summer. It does not put a strain on the skin and is perfect for hot seasons when you sweat a lot.

POINT3: You can wash your hands
It can be washed by hand and is easy to clean, so it can be used cleanly at any time, making it ideal for daily UV care.

POINT4 :Recommended for cooling measures
A cotton scarf that feels good on the skin and has high heat retention is recommended as a countermeasure against coldness in the summer due to excessive air conditioning, such as in shops, trains, and workplaces. For women, the coldness of the body is a great enemy. In such a case, protect your neck and prevent cold .

Point 5: Compact The thin fabric makes it very compact when folded. It is not bulky even if you hide it in your bag.

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Cotton is smooth to the touch, absorbs water well, and retains air and retains heat well, making it effective not only for cooling in the summer, but also for the cold in the winter. It can be used all year round, so it is also cost-effective .