Why straw hats are perfect for summer

Summer performance! Before the season mood rises, you need to prepare for sunburn. A parasol and a hat are essential items for going out in the season when the UV rays are strong .
There are many types of hats for UV protection, so you want something that you can wear casually and stylishly. The straw hat is also highly functional and can be used as a sunshade, UV protection, UV care, and sun protection, making it perfect for going out, traveling, and seasonal events.
For the second UV protection, we will introduce the “manipuri straw hat”, which is simple and elegant, and has been carefully crafted so that it can be easily coordinated by adults and girls.

Cut UV rays elegantly and elegantly!
A natural hat with a beautiful printed scarf for a vivid accent.

POINT 01: A masterpiece that is carefully finished one by one by Japanese craftsmen. Paper yarn using paper fiber is characterized by moderate elasticity and suppleness. It is tightly woven without any gaps, yet is lightweight and has excellent breathability for stress-free comfort.

POINT 02: A colorful and delicate scarf pattern on a natural hat ribbon. The classic and elegant print is exciting. The ribbon uses a slightly longer sword tip scarf made of polyester fabric. You can tie it and arrange it, hang it as it is, or remove it according to your coordination .

POINT 03: The back of the hat is sweat-proof and fits gently on the head. Inside the hat, you can adjust the size to suit you with the name part.

2023 SPRING & SUMMER 3 types of new straw hats are now on sale.

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① Light and supple boater hat

It's classical yet somewhat fresh because it's a well-balanced design typical of manipuri. It looks slim when viewed from the front, giving it a neat impression. The brim is wide, so it not only protects you from the sun, but also goes well with casual, traditional, and one-piece outfits, and enhances your usual styling .

②Trendy bucket hat

A simple and mature design that you want to wear easily and easily, and is familiar with both town and travel destinations. The brim faces slightly downward, so just by wearing it, you can aim for a smaller face and also get sun protection.

③Hat with a deep brim

An elegant hat with a deep brim decorated with a beautiful scarf. Wear the long brim deep into your eyes for a mature look with plenty of atmosphere. A good product that protects your head and face from the sun .

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Use your favorite parasol to protect against UV rays and make going out fun! vol.1