<Wool Silk Stole Herringbone Weave 120> Square Belt


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A colorful stole with a manipuri scarf pattern printed on herringbone fabric. We use custom-made fabrics of 60% wool and 40% silk made in India. The print processing is carefully hand-dyed one by one by Indian craftsmen in the same way as the silk scarf printing technique. The soft, thin, and large stole is an item that you can use for many years, as it adapts to your skin the more you use it. You can freely arrange it by wrapping it around or hanging it on your shoulder. It brightens up autumn and winter styling that tends to be heavy.

* Due to the quality, there may be some uneven dyeing, mixed threads, looseness, etc. This is not due to a defect, so please be aware of this before purchasing.

part number 0123333001
model number 120 STOLE SQUARE BELT
Category SCARVES > > all stalls >  Wool silk stole 120×120
material 60% wool, 40% silk
country of origin India
Color brown, off-white, blue
size 120cm x 120cm

<Regarding errors in product dimensions>
Due to processing and materials, some errors may occur during the production process. Thank you for your understanding.

* Errors and individual differences may occur depending on the washing process, the stretch ratio depending on the color, the sewing method, and the material.

*If the size is within 2 cm before and after the stated size, it will be within the regulations even during inspection (returns and exchanges in this case will be at the customer's discretion). Please contact us if there is too much difference.

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